Hello World! This is Sushant.
I'm a Computer Science Engineering student in love with Machine Learning and it's limitless applications.

About Me


  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering

    August, 2017-Present

    Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management, Nagpur, India

    Currently in III year of my gradutaion

    Some of my major projects done during this span:

    • pingpongAI: Built an AI which learns to play pingpong by itself using neuroevolution
    • Amazon-Flipkart Price Comparison Engine: Compares the real-time price of the priduct entered by the user from both websites
    • Linear Data Structure Simulator: An Interactive Simulator which allows user to visualise linear data structures like Stack, Queue, Linked List, Deque


  • Technical Writer

    Spetember, 2019-Present

    Towards Data Science

    I write articles on Machine Learning for 'Towards Data Science' publication on Medium

    Some of my articles are:

Skill Set


Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning



Web Development


These are the projects which I made in my free time. I explain my code and necessary theory behind these projects in detail here.

teachable dinosaur

Clone of chrome dinosaur game, but with a bit of computer vision

AI Plays Flappy Bird

AI learns to play Flappy Bird game using Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies(NEAT)


AI learns to play Ping Pong game using Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies(NEAT)

K-Means Clustering Simulator

Simulator of K-Means Clustering algorithm

Linear Regression Simulator

A simulator which helps you visualize Linear Regression

Eminem Lyrics Generator

AI generates lyrics of Eminem that he never wrote using Long Short Term Memory(LSTM).

XOR gate Predictor

A neural network, built from scratch, which predicts the output of XOR gate.

Amazon-Flipkart Price Comparison Engine

Compares price of the product from both websites using web crawling.

IDDFS Simulator

IDDFS simulation on the map of Romania


A GUI based calculator which can perform basic arithmetic operations.


I like to share my knowledge through writing.

Everything You Need To Know About Linear Regression

This article is about Linear Regression and all the maths behind it.

Batch, Mini Batch & Stochastic Gradient Descent

Learn about Gradient Descent & its variants.

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